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Query the collection of all genomes derived from type material with your own genomes to identify the closest genomes available from formally named species.


Query the NCBI Genome database (Prokaryotes) with your own genomes to determine the most likely taxonomic classification and novelty rank.


Submit your data to this project if you want to preprocess your genomic or metagenomic dataset without additional fine-resolution taxonomic analyses.

Upload genome or metagenome


If you want high resolution within well characterized species, query select clade-specific databases for typing using Average Nucleotide Identity (ANI).

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We're currently expanding MiGA to include collections of genomes for environmental genomics. If you would like to see an additional set included, please contact us.

RefSoil genomes

Manually-curated list of complete genomes from NCBI RefSeq associated with soil environments.


Metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs, or bins) recovered from different binning projects.


Population genomes (bins) recovered from the lakes and estuaries along the Chattahoochee River (Southeast USA).

TARA Oceans MAGs

Metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs, or bins) recovered from the TARA Oceans metagenomic samples.


Genome Repository of Oiled Systems (GROS): Curated collection of MAGs, SAGs and isolates from crude-oil impacted environments.

Bio-Gas Microbiome

Metagenome-Assembled Genomes recovered from 134 samples collected from biogas plants and lab-scale reactors in seven countries.